About Agnete Friis

Agnete Friis (born 1974) is a Danish writer, best known for co-authoring the bestselling crime fiction series featuring Red Cross nurse Nina Borg. Friis was born in Jutland, Denmark, and grew up in the countryside as the daughter of a geology professor and a graphic designer. She was a middle child, with an older sister and a younger brother. Being a somewhat nerdy kid, her hobbies were reading British crime fiction and birdwatching in the wintertime. She had pet turtles, fish, walking stick bugs, chickens, one dog, seven cats, mice she caught in the barn, a pony and frogs she rescued from a nearby frozen pond. Through most of her teenage years, Friis thought she would pursue a career as a biologist, but she also developed a keen interest in writing, and after high school she eventually decided to study political science and journalism to pursue that dream. She worked as a news reporter and later as a press agent before starting to write fiction. In 2007 she met Lene Kaaberbøl, an established bestselling author, and the two of them started a creative cooperation in crime fiction, resulting in the New York Times bestseller The Boy in the Suitcase, the first installment in a series of four books, which has sold to more than 30 countries. Both in her own work and her cooperation with Lene Kaaberbøl, Agnete Friis engages with social and political issues, such as the challenges of the current refugee crisis in Europe. But in her own words, her aim is not political and her fiction does not offer any easy answers. Agnete Friis lives in Copenhagen with her husband of 20 years, three children and a hopelessly small dog.

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